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After struggling for a really long time I finally found a deodorant that I am really happy about, that doesn't do any harm to my body and still lasts well. I watched a documentary on aluminum years back and immediately threw away all my deodorants that I stocked in my drawer. All of them had aluminum as their main ingredient and after watching this I was scared as hell. At this point my search began. I tried all the aluminum free deodorants that I could find in the store but I didn't like them at all. After several deos that didn't work for be and because I was tired of not having a proper deodorant I was using normal ones. There were two problems with this: 1. they had aluminum in them, 2. they interfered with the scent of my perfume.

About 2 months ago I discovered a brand called 'Urtekram' when I was shopping for a body wash. Urtekram is a certified organic brand, vegan and doesn't test on animals. As you can imagine it was delightful to hear about that. A few weeks ago though I found the crystal deo and to be honest I was not convinced at first. There were two scents to choose from: rose and no perfume. I went for the scentless one because I don't want my perfume to mix with the deo scent. The only ingredients of this deo are water, glycerine, crystals and polysaccarides. Because there were only a few ingredients compared to the other ones I was kind of skeptical. But after I did my research on glycerin I was really excited to try it.

Glycerin (sugar alcohol) is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid. It's used in soap and  homemade deodorants and it's the 2nd most used ingredient in the Nivea After Shave Balm (you have to look that up if you don't know what that is !). It sounds very promising it's just really good. It's very long lasting and you are not going to be sweaty at all. Also I love how it drys very quickly and isn't slick under your armpits. 

So I'd say you should definitely try it out and see for yourself.
Hope you had a nice weekend, 

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